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Stamp: Comissions OPEN by AaronBelli
by the lovely :iconmikeilo:
1.) post these rules
2.) Each Person has to share 13 things about them
3.) Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag have to answer 
4.) choose 13 people.
5.) Go to their page and inform them they were tagged
6.) not something like "you are tagged if you read this"
7.) you legitimately have to tag 13 people
8.) you can't say you don't do tags
9.) tag-backs are allowed
10.) YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY NO COMMENTS unless commenting about the actual entry
11.) you have to finish this within a week. if not, you'll have to do what the creator asked you to: art, RP, etc. (no pressure guys and no need to do anything for me, really, I don't want to make anybody feel forced, I wouldn't like it)
12.) be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things (yeah but my brain is lazy today so no creativity)
13.) Cussing is allowed

things about me 

1. despite being good at drawing I've got a very bad visual memory , I need to daw thing at least one  time with reference before being able to daw them from memory .

2. I originaly hated to draw . when I was a kid I was very frustrated by the fact I could draw thing like I wanted and so I would eat my paper and leave the damn drawing thing to someone else . than my mom showed me how to draw simple things and for some reason after that I couldn't stop drawing .

3 . I have a thing for reptilian . I don't really know what it is but if a character as reptile like attribute you can be sure I gonna be obsess with it from quite sometimes .

4.I'm a terrible reader . that's a shame cause I really love reading but it's ask me more times and effort than  what most people usually gives in reading that I read way less than what I would like too .

5. I love painting rock . it's really relaxing for some reason .

6. I know every ine from the movie jurassic park by heart !!!
7. I was completly obsessed with dinosaures as a child . I had dinosaure toys , dinosaur books . dvd about dinosaur . SO would really love to work on a movie about dinosaur if I can .

8. I'm a closet pervert meaning I most probably have a lot of nsfw windows open on my computer or  yaoi doujinshi hiding somewhere in my files . but as never openlly talk about those I will probably seem very innocent to a lot of people .

9. I don't draw porn . I  don't because it's not something you can openly share with everyone  and doesn't help  developing yourself as an artist  so I just don't ... but I like drawing naked people that's completely fine by me ^w^

10. my parent are a bit homophobic . so it kind of stops me from drawing anything implying a same sex couple . fearing that they might find and judge me because it .

11. I used to love the manga naruto . it was the first I read the one that made me discover manga and anime and I really identified myself to the main character which as to do evrything he could to fight against destiny and prove himself to his village despite the fact that  none belived in him . and also there was all the Japanese mythology reference that really made  me wanna discover this world ( because I loved japanese mithology before manga just so you know ^w^) not to mention those badass vilains >w<
but than third great ninja's war happened and this just ruined the whole thing for me . I just didn't care anymore it was boring to read uninteresting too watch and made me want too slap sasuke in the face each time he appeared .and it was also a big midle finger to evrything that made naruto awesome in the start and clearly showed that kishimoto had no idea what he was doing .

13 . I'm really forgetful . sometime I don't notice I have skip a step in what I'm doing >:P 

1. Which was the most bizarre dream you had and you can recall? (only if you are willing to talk about it)
I recall plenty of them but the weirdest are pretty hard to discribe because they are very abstract . I guess the weirdest  is allways the same . that one dream when the world was dominated by jellyfish . mind reading psychic  powered jellyfish . controlling every aspect of our life from highest flour from the highest building .

2. What type of artstyle do you prefer? 
it would be easier for me to say what artstyle I don't like XD
.I love a lot of art style from many artist and different media  I guess top favorite is the impressionism like monet cézanne or degat wich is my favorite artsyle in classical painting where a lot of work is put into the color in order to create an ambiance .of course it only one of the many I like as I also love the most of disney's works  wich . really inspire me in how simple yet strong and expressive most drawing are . but yeah any artstyle from the comic bok of frank miller to the anatomy study of da vinci is fine .
and also anime but I'm really picky on those . like I absolutly hate art style like those of sword art online or spice and wolf but I absolutly love the work of animators like Watanabe ( cowboy bebop ) or mamuru osoda ( wolf children )

3. If you could master any other art (drawing, painting, writing, music, sculpting etc) what would it be and why?

Everything !!! I'm currently trying my hand at writing but I think I have a long way to go ^^" . I would have also loved knowing how in hell does music work since I'm pretty sensible to that from of art and the feeling it can deliver . ( and also because when you are aiming toward a multi media art like animation the best is to know at least a bit of each art involve in the making works )

4. If you could speak any other language what would it be?
Chinese , Japanese , Spanish and Russian . no particuliar resons for any of those I just would love to know how to speak multiple language .
5. Have you ever thought of how your genderbender version would be like? If yes, could you describe? (looks, way of acting-if you think you'll still be the same or slightly different in personality)
I would probably would be gays as hell XD. but testoterone would probably help me getting the strenght a I'm so desparate to have . I probably would have more self cofidence as I would have the body and strenght to face other .also according to how much need to shave I guess I would be one hairy bastard XD . yep to be tottaly fair I think I would have enjoy being a boy way more . but yay I'm a girl so I guess I should make the best of it ^w^

6. Which are your favorite OTPs? (list 5 many as you want, I'm really curious :3 )
pff I love many many many fandom sO I've got like many many many OTP but let to put some of them here and only one by fandom ^w^

1. Integra x alucard from hellsing
2. axel x saix kingdom heart
3. phobos x cedric W.I.T.C.H
4. ushiwaka x amaterasu from okami
5 vash X wolfwood triggun
6 red x silver from pokemon
7. the doctor x rose  from doctor who
8. cell x frieza dragonball
9. shinji x asuka evengelion
10.grell  x Sebastian black butler

7. Do you suffer when bad things happen to your favorite character? (I think the answer is yes to most of us lol) How would you describe this pain?
not allways but it happens to me sometimes . mostly at moment were I can see evrything shatter around the character I've learn to like( not neccesarly my fave just character I learn to like ), it's like you want to help them but there is woway you can do it and evan if you would be there at this very moment what could you do ? it's a really terrible feeling. the worst I've felt recently (if last year count as recently ) was with triggun . triggun start as happy anime with a main character so joyfull it's annoying and than out of the sudden the joyfull world full of hop you've learn to know turninto a cold realistic nightmare . ( BTW whatch this anime really cool )

8. What's your favorite fictional world/planet?
pretty hard one ....I really love hyrules from legend of zelda this is a land full of myth of mysteries with vast plains lake mountains anyone that has play one of those game and spend hour exploring those beautiful landscape knows what I'm talking about .
(PS: wind waker and twilight princess are the most enjoyable from that angle ^w^)
9. If you could choose to have any kind of magical ability, what would it be? (examples: glamour, shape shifting, mind control, summoning spirits, telepathy, telekinesis, control over a certain element of nature, ability to speak with animals, ability to see forms of energy like spirits, etc etc etc)
I guess flying would the best . I've allways wondered what it would be like to be able to to fly  . being free depending of no ones but your own to go any places you like , that would be great .
10. Do you have an own character? If yes, how do you feel towards it? What does it mean to you?
I have a lot and a lot of character . of course there is my fursonna you all know . but my feeling toward her are kind of mixed as she means a lot to me since she as been around for seven years now , but I also feel like she isn't representing myself well enough she is to pretty to simple to elegant .
there is also the characters for :iconthe-world-of-felinar:
But also characters I don't really dare to present on internet as would really love to introduce them in my project but I feel that giving away too much would spoil the fun of of discovering them or disapoint people if my lazyness never allow me to do anything out of those characters .

11. Did you ever have lucid dreams? If no, would you like to have?
hmmm ^^" what is a lucid dream ???

12. What is your favorite fantastic creature?
spirit fox form japanese mythology , also known as kitsune ^w^( wich is stupid when you think of it because kitsune mean fox it like calling  dragons " lizard" ) spirit fox means a lot to me as they were what introduced me to japanese culture first then manga and anime but also deviantart  . but they are also a fun creature to work with as they comes in many form. they can be anything , feral , anthropomorphic ,  fire breathing , shapeshifting , godlike , ghostlike ,evil , guardians  . really anything !!!

13. If you were granted the chance to time travel (only once) what would you choose? Past or future?
past most probably because this way I could avoid losing the best person I ever met on internet just because of my anxiety ...

not gonna tag anyone cause I'm lazy and screw the rules I have money  :iconsetokaiba3plz:

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